Geotechnical Services

At Centerline Geomatics we understand that our clients are looking for the highest quality standards achievable when it comes to Geotechnical Services.

In order to deliver accurate, predictive, and reliable test results with confidence, Centerline Geomatics has produced a set of Standard Operating Procedures that detail how each geotechnical test is to be executed. In general, these procedures require experienced geotechnicians to perform at or above industry standards for both laboratory and field environments.

Geotechnical Services:

  • Engineering – Geotechnical site inspection and design
  • Earthworks – Field quality control and compaction testing via nuclear gauge dry density determination
  • Infrastructure – Pile installation and monitoring
  • Construction – Concrete field testing and laboratory strength analysis
  • Coring – Concrete and asphalt coring
  • Laboratory – Soils and aggregate analysis
  • Environmental Level 1 and 2 Site Assessments
  • Environmental Field Reports (EFR’s)

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